Please answer the following questions so I can learn a little bit about your business and your copywriting needs. It should take you 5-10 minutes to complete.  

If I think we could be a great fit, you'll receive an email to schedule a 45-minute Discovery Call.

During this call, we'll dive into your business, your goals, and your ideal customer to make sure I'm crystal clear on your situation. 

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Have you ever worked with a Direct Response Copywriter on a Product Launch?

I prefer to work with experienced Internet Marketers who understand that direct response copy is an essential investment in their business. 

If this is your 1st Product Launch, please let me know at the end of this questionnaire.

Let's start with the basics: Tell me about your business

- PRODUCT/SERVICE: What do you do/sell?
- IDEAL CUSTOMER: Who do you sell to?
- HISTORY: How long have you been in business?
- LOCATION(S): Where are you located?
TIMELINE: When would you like your next Product Launch to kick off?
When's the last time you did a product launch? What were the results? 

For example: "Our last launch was 6 months ago. We added 10,000 subscribers to our email list and generated $50,000 in sales."

What's the biggest challenge in your business when it comes to product launches? 

For example:

"I've done multiple product launches; they're exhausting and I feel burned out all the time - I was up until 2am editing my sales page the night before the launch. 

I need someone who can really understand my market and write relevant, engaging copy so I can have the freedom to focus on my long-term vision."

What are your goals?

Please try to be specific. Do you want to hit a certain sales quota, grow your list by x amount or use this launch as a way to position yourself as an expert? 

For example: "'I'm launching a new online course about list building and I want to hit $200,000 in sales within 7 days"
Which option most closely describes the marketing budget for your upcoming launch?

Most product launches tend to fall into one of the following 3 tiers

What's your list size? 

My ideal list size is 5,000 or greater, however, engagement rates and the relationship you have with your list are much more important.

Keep in mind, most online launches convert from 1-5% of their email list size.
What are the price points of your products?

Ideally, your products are $500-$3,000+ so I can help you at least 10x your investment. 

Are you the primary decision-maker?

If there's anyone else we should invite to our Discovery Call, please add their name, email address and Skype ID below.
Anything else you'd like to add?

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Last question: How did you hear about me?

For example: My website, a friend, Google search, Facebook group, my LinkedIn profile, one of my blog posts, Twitter, etc.
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- Dennis
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